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our story

William Thomas Gaughan founded in 1990
by Bill Gaughan.

Bill didn’t conform to traditional methods of styling. He believed in individualism. His philosophy was to make his clients look the best they could be no matter what the cost, often not charging fully if a client couldn’t afford his creation just to achieve his vision.

Bill trained in Ireland and expanded his knowledge by working in San Francisco, Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. He had planned to move to London to open a branch but tragically died in November 1992.

His brother Thomas, who Bill had trained, took over. Being from an architectural mindset, he added structure to Bill’s free-styling by creating styles and colouring based on face shapes, skin, eye colour and lifestyle. This was a new way of making hairdressing a science, by fusing art with structural design. Almost like the structure of a coral reef is based on mathematics and beautiful to look at.

Thomas opened 26 salons rapidly in Ireland by franchising the brand William Thomas. He sold them in 2003 and moved to London opening two branches in Barnes and Richmond. He intends to expand William Thomas Gaughan Brand throughout London.